Internship at the Research Unit Developmental Psychology

The research unit developmental psychology, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stefanie Höhl, is looking for highly motivated students to join our team as interns!

We are primarily interested in the following research topics:

  • Neural and behavioural synchrony during social interactions (EEG/ fNIRS hyperscanning)
  • Attention and learning in babies (EEG, eye-tracking)
  • Social learning and communication in early development


Depending on the project, you will be involved in various stages of our research process, including planning studies, recruiting participants, carrying out studies with infants and toddlers and analysing data (e.g. with Interact coding software). Thus, we require either experience in working with parents and children (including advanced German language skills) or experience in experimental research, including statistics and (neurophysiological) data analysis (MATLAB, R, SPSS).

Apply if you study psychology (or a related subject, e.g. cognitive sciences) at an advanced stage, are interested to conduct research and work carefully, reliably and independently. Most importantly, you should enjoy working with babies and toddlers!

During recess times

Minimum duration: 160h/ min. 8 weeks

Application deadlinesFor internships from
April 15July - September       
November 15February- March

During lecture periods

Minimum duration: 180h/ min. 8 weeks

Application deadlinesFor internships from
June 15October - December
Januar 15April - June

Mandatory internship

Minimum duration: 240h/ min. 6 weeks

Application deadlinesFor internships from
April 15July - September      
November 15February - March


If you are interested, please send your application (short letter of motivation, curriculum vitae – preferably also in English, transcript of records, references if available) to:

We are looking forward to receiving your application!